Introducing the Pronghorn Pilsner: A Brew for Wildlife Conservation!

Beginning in 2022, WYldlife for Tomorrow (WFT), a signature program of The WYldlife Fund, began looking for opportunities to develop co-branded products that included Wyoming-brewed beer. Together with students from the University of Wyoming’s Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources Student Ambassador Program, WFT has been able to establish crucial partnerships with Wyoming businesses across the state. Early partnerships included limited releases with both Altitude Chophouse and Brewery of Laramie and Roadhouse Brewing Company in Jackson. These beers were sold exclusively in-house with a portion of the proceeds supporting WYldlife for Tomorrow. This early support from the craft brewing community provided a “proof of concept” that we’re forever grateful to say has resulted in a permanent craft beer that supports Wyoming’s wildlife! 

The WYldlife Fund is thrilled to announce that WFT has continued its amazing efforts at developing co-branded products with Wyoming-based companies. We have partnered with Wind River Brewing in Pinedale, WY, to create a co-branded beer that will be a permanent fixture in their lineup: the Pronghorn Pilsner. Austin Bevilacqua, sales representative for Wind River Brewing, described it as “about as beer as beer can get.” Given the pilsner’s history as one of the oldest styles of beer, it was a no-brainer to brew up a new beer that would be popular among all beer-lovers.

When asked about the motivations behind this partnership, Bevilacqua said, “We thought this was a unique opportunity to help with wildlife and we wanted to dive into it wholeheartedly.” This partnership speaks to the roots of the brewery’s owners and head brewers. Sam Mosle, Wind River Brewing’s head brewer, previously worked in natural resource management and wildlife conservation, working for four different state agencies in the west, and holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in natural resource management. What’s more, the brewery’s owners (since 2017) are passionate about the outdoors: Derek Schupp is a lifelong angler, and Roy DeWitt grew up playing in the mountains of his Pinedale backyard, the Wind River Range. The WYldlife Fund and WFT are thrilled to be working so closely with a business whose brand so closely aligns with our mission.

The Pronghorn Pilsner is being distributed throughout Wyoming and can be found on tap, in six-packs, and in cases. At the brewery $1 for every pint sold goes directly to WYldlife for Tomorrow, while on the distribution side about 8% of sales go to WFT. Thus far, sales of the Pronghorn Pilsner have raised about $5,000 for wildlife!

Bevilacqua went on to say, “The partnership with WYldlife for Tomorrow has been so beneficial in so many ways, bringing new experiences to the brewery. We have seen connections made through the great team at WFT and the many great relationships they have in the conservation sector. In our taproom in Pinedale, we have seen the Pronghorn Pilsner become our highest velocity offering since its launch last October. First and foremost, the liquid is high quality, and adding in the element of donating to conserve wildlife in our state makes it a no-brainer for our customers. Simply put, this endeavor with WFT has provided unique value which we are starting to see make an impact in conserving one of Wyoming’s greatest assets, and we couldn’t be more excited to continue this journey.”

Head brewer Sam Mosle

Given that this beer is a permanent member of Wind River Brewing’s lineup, the Pronghorn Pilsner is the first beer of its kind in Wyoming. We like to think of it as the banquet beer for wildlife, and it will be available for years to come, giving back to wildlife the entire time! What’s more, the beer’s label was designed by Haub School students, adding more local flair to this great product. The WYldlife Fund’s Operations Manager, Nate Brown is proud to say that “Wyoming businesses can follow in Wind River Brewing Company’s footsteps by taking the opportunity to build a lasting co-branded product that keeps wildlife on the landscape.” 

Interested in getting the Pronghorn Pilsner into your local bar, liquor store, or taproom? Wind River Brewing is eager to make it happen! We encourage you to reach out to them–our wildlife thanks you! 

The next time you find yourself craving a cold one at the end of a long day of playing and exploring Wyoming’s incredible landscape, we hope you’ll order a Pronghorn Pilsner and toast to the amazing wildlife that calls this state home.

Remember to drink responsibly and support wildlife conservation, one beer at a time!