NextEra Energy Resources Invests in Wyoming Migration Corridors

NextEra Energy Resources Commits $50,000 to The WYldlife Fund in Support of Big Game Migration Corridors


The WYldlife Fund is proud to announce a $50,000 contribution to the Pooled Migration Fund from the NextEra Energy Foundation, the charitable arm of NextEra Energy Resources, to focus on implementing wildlife-friendly projects. The Pooled Migration Fund is dedicated to supporting the United States Department of Agriculture and State of Wyoming’s Big Game Pilot, which aims to conserve big game populations that migrate across working lands in Wyoming via three strategies: land conservation, habitat restoration and long-term private-lands stewardship.


“The WYldlife Fund is grateful for the support from NextEra Energy Resources as it enables us to make significant strides in preserving Wyoming’s exceptional big game species and their migratory corridors,” said WYldlife Fund president Chris McBarnes. “This generous contribution will help us implement projects that will have a lasting positive impact on Wyoming’s wildlife and their ecosystems.”


The Pooled Migration Fund, administered by The WYldlife Fund, is intended to bolster voluntary conservation of private working lands within migration corridors for big game populations in Wyoming. The Pooled Migration Fund supports stewardship of private lands within the recently state-designated Platte Valley, Baggs, and Sublette mule deer migration corridors, as well as multispecies seasonal ranges in the Shoshone River Valleys (i.e. Cody area).


The generous contribution from NextEra Energy Resources will support crucial on-the-ground wildlife projects within these important geographies. These initiatives will play a pivotal role in safeguarding the migratory routes and habitats of the state’s diverse wildlife, ensuring that these invaluable species continue to thrive in their natural environments.


“At NextEra Energy Resources, we are committed to conservation and stewardship of wildlife and their habitats in the states we call home,” said Matt Raffenberg, vice president of environmental services for NextEra Energy Resources. “We are proud to support the Pooled Migration Fund, which aligns with our mission as an industry leader in renewable energy to support sustainable practices and find real-world solutions to address large-scale conservation challenges.”


This donation marks a significant step toward securing a thriving future for Wyoming’s diverse wildlife and their migratory corridors. By working with The WYldlife Fund and supporting habitat improvements, NextEra Energy Resources is helping to ensure that these majestic creatures continue to roam their natural landscapes freely.

2023 Inspire a Kid Camp

The Inspire a Kid Camp hosted at the Little Jennie Ranch in Bondurant, Wyoming aims to be a transformative and one of kind, wilderness experience for young men and women. Campers take part in leadership development, western conservation, and outdoor recreation in one of the most iconic settings found in the American West. The WYldlife Fund is proud to sponsor and operate these camps with the Hamlin Family and the entire team at the Little Jennie.

The WYldlife Fund Mourns the Loss of Maury Brown

For the past two years, The WYldlife Fund and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department have partnered with Maury Brown on the Maury Brown Kids Fishing Day at his spectacular ranch outside of Cheyenne. The event touched the lives of hundreds of children and families. Maury made this day possible. This was only one small example of Maury’s deep commitment to the people of Wyoming. The WYldlife Fund was deeply saddened to learn of Maury’s passing this week and extend our deepest condolences to Maury’s family and friends.

The loss of Maury, a great man and philanthropist, has left a profound void in the state of Wyoming. Maury was a remarkable individual who dedicated his life to making a positive impact on his community and beyond. His philanthropic endeavors touched the lives of countless people, and his legacy will continue to inspire generations to come. Maury’s contributions to Wyoming were immeasurable, from supporting local youth to championing the University of Wyoming. His generosity knew no bounds, and his kindness resonated with everyone he encountered.

His selflessness, vision, and unwavering commitment to making the world a better place will be remembered as a shining example of the power of one individual’s dedication to their community and fellow human beings. Wyoming will forever mourn the loss of this exceptional man, but his legacy of giving and compassion will continue to shine as a beacon of hope and inspiration in the state and beyond.

The WYldlife Fund is committed to carrying on the Maury Brown Kids Fishing Day in the years to come. The video and photos below shine light on the pure joy that Maury brought to the lives of countless individuals. The WYldlife Fund will forever be thankful for Maury’s selfless spirit of love and compassion.

Chris McBarnes
The WYldlife Fund