$100,000 Gift to Kaycee-Buffalo Wildlife Crossing Project

$100,000 gift announced to I-25 Buffalo-Kaycee Wildlife Crossing project

The WYldlife Fund Announces $100,000 Gift to Kaycee-Buffalo Wildlife Crossing Project

Gift from Knobloch Family Foundation makes safe crossings possible.

Buffalo, WY – November 18, 2020 – A generous gift from the Knobloch Family Foundation means another $100,000 is going to the I-25 Kaycee to Buffalo wildlife crossing project. This lower cost transportation project will save wildlife and keep our drivers on the go.

In announcing this gift, The WYldlife Fund President Mike Schmid expressed the Fund’s commitment to supporting Wyoming’s wildlife and promoting safety on roadways for all drivers.

“We thank the Knobloch Family Foundation for their generous gift and know that crossings are an effective way to make a positive and direct impact on our wildlife across Wyoming as well as keeping our drivers safe,” Schmid said.

The I-25 Kaycee to Buffalo Project, mileposts 255-270, has the second highest rate of collisions with deer on a Wyoming interstate. The interstate currently limits the safe movement of mule deer seeking additional habitat. This shovel-ready project will utilize exclusionary fencing to funnel wildlife to six existing crossing structures, such as underpasses, bridges and culverts. This project will also add deer ramps, gates, and cattle guards, as needed.

Statewide, over 6,000 animals like deer, pronghorn, elk, moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goats die each year from collisions. This number may even be larger due to underreported crashes.

In affirming this gift, the Knobloch Family Foundation Executive Director Nicole Korfanta explains how this gift furthers the Foundation’s mission.

“The Knobloch Family Foundation recognizes the importance of landscape connectivity for wildlife, and one way to promote that is through crossing projects like this one. We’re excited to see agencies and other stakeholders come together to improve highway safety and allow mule deer and other animals to access both sides of I-25,” Korfanta said.

“The cost-effective approach of this project will save our wildlife and serve as a model for other projects like it throughout the west,” Schmid said.

The WYldlife Fund will route this generous gift by the Knobloch Family Foundation through the Wyoming Wildlife Natural Resource Trust Fund to be matched dollar for dollar. This will result in a total project gift of $200,000.

“The attention to public health and safety, as well as the protection of mule deer in Wyoming is unparalleled, and The WYldlife Fund has been a major player in that regard. Governor Gordon, the Wyoming Legislature and the private sector have all stepped up to make these projects happen, and we appreciate the opportunity to make a difference for our wildlife and our people,” Wyoming Wildlife Natural Resource Trust Executive Director Bob Budd said.

Virtual auction a success!

$8,670 raise for Wyoming wildlife

Thank you to all of our supporters for helping make our virtual auction a success!

We had bidders from all over the country. The beautiful hand made WYldlife Fund quilt was shipped to a supporter all the way in Indiana. The winning bidder of the Belize beach vacation also calls Indiana home. The WYldlife Fund is excited that our passion for Wyoming’s wildlife is spreading across the country.

This of course would not be possible without donors providing these amazing experiences and items. We thank each of them.

This year is most definitely unique and organizations are adapting the best they can. Our first virtual auction was a step in the right direction and for this we are thankful.

The Wyldlife Fund is canvasing the state working hard to help strengthen and advance our great wildlife. We applaud the work of our fellow non-profits and stand ready to help do our part. As a young organization we are growing every single day and have formed a great team with impeccable leadership. If you would like to meet with us do not hesitate to reach out to me at chris@thewyldlifefund.org. I would love to visit with you and share more about our mission. We value relationships and look forward to getting to know you.

100% of funds raised from our first virtual auction will be going back on the ground to help save Wyoming’s wildlife! The stewardship of your donations is always top of mind here at The WYldlife Fund.

See you in the field!

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Boot Cleaning Stations Laramie Region of the Wyoming Game & Fish

The WYldlife Fund is proud and determined to invest in aquatic habitat just as much as terrestrial habitat. In late 2020, The WYldlife Fund provided a $1,250 to the Laramie Region of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department in order to install boot cleaning stations for fisherman. These boot cleaning stations help prevent deadly Aquatic Invasive Species from entering our streams and rivers!