The WYldlife Fund announces the latest round of microgrant awards!

The WYldlife Fund is proud to support the following projects through our microgrant program.  Please feel free to share our website and the application for a microgrant with any organization that has a project that is strategically aligned with our vision and mission statement, “Uniting people to advance Wyoming wildlife habitat, research, and education”.  


Greater Yellowstone/Crooked Creek Bear Proof Trash Storage–

Through our microgrant program, The Wyldlife Fund is proud to have provided a $2500 grant to the Greater Yellowstone Coalition to provide Pro-Pactor trash compactor trailer to the Crooked Creek Ranch in the Dunoir area west of Dubois, WY.  This trailer will be used to limit grizzly bear conflicts in the area by responsibly and effectively storing waste in a bear proof container.  Other partners in this project are: Crooked Creek Ranch, U.S. Forest Service, Wyoming Game and Fish, and the Greater Yellowstone Coalition.  The Wyldlife Fund is proud to provide support for this cause and promote responsible waste management and education.


Park County Weed and Pest:  Boot Brush Stations

Partnering with the Park County Weed and Pest, The Wyldlife Fund is proud to sponsor the purchase of five additional PlayCleanGo Boot Brush Stations to place at trailheads throughout Park County.  These stations provide a boot cleaning station at trailheads in order to help prevent invasive species introduction into areas of critical wildlife habitat.  The WYldlife Fund is happy to work with the BLM and Shoshone National Forest to provide $2500 through our Microgrant program to provide additional stations and promote education about invasive plant species and the part that humans play in spreading them into areas that are critical for wildlife.


Wyoming Game and Fish:  Afton Elk Herd Native Winter Range Project

The WYldlife Fund with our partners at the Wyoming Game and Fish are happy to support the efforts of Ben Wise (regional wildlife disease biologist) to research the portion of the Afton elk herd that are not currently utilizing the elk feedgrounds.  This project will involve capturing and collaring elk with the use of helicopters to provide critical data concerning migration patterns and utilization of native winter range. Our $2500 microgrant will help offset the cost of collars and activation fees, etc.  The mission statement of The Wyldlife Fund is:  Uniting people to advance Wyoming wildlife habitat, research, and education.  This project is perfectly aligned with that goal.

Joey’s Fly Fishing:  Joey’s Stream Keepers Conservation Program

Working together with our friends at Joey’s Fly Fishing, The Wyldlife Fund is proud to provide sponsorship of the Joey’s Stream Keepers Conservation Program through a microgrant of $2500.  These funds will be utilized to provide research through the use of river boxes, entomology collection and analysis kits.  The aim of this research is to provide education to support efforts in stream management and protection for long-term sustainability.  Other partners in this effort are as follows:  Trout Unlimited, Holy Name Catholic School, Admiral Beverage, and Oxbow Ranch (Randal Huckeba).

Sage Grouse Fence Inventory

Through our signature program Wildlife Tourism For Tomorrow we were honored to support important sage-grouse fence inventory work through our good friends at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation.

Absaroka Fence Initiative

One group we are proud to stand behind is the Absaroka Fence Initiative (AFI). The WYldlife Fund acts as the fiscal sponsor of this collaborative and dynamic group who is performing incredible fence work in and around the Cody area.

Dubois US 26 Wildlife Crossing

This project around Dubois from Stoney Point to Dinwoody Creek (mileposts 48-73) meets a major need in keeping our wildlife and drivers on the go.

Kemmerer HWY 189 Wildlife Crossing

The forthcoming economic development opportunities in this region, and resulting increase in motor vehicle traffic, has made it imperative that we work together to complete the Kemmerer Highway 189 Wildlife Crossing Project in order to protect human lives and save wildlife.

Inspire a Kid Camp

From June 22nd-28th, 2022 The WYldlife Fund was honored to host the first annual Inspire a Kid Camp at the Little Jennie Ranch in Bondurant.

Maury Brown Kids Fishing Day

On June 4th, 2022 The WYldlife Fund partnered with Maury Brown and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to host the first Maury Brown Kids Fishing Day at the Iron Mountain Ranch outside of Cheyenne.