Torrey Rim Prescribed Fire

The Whiskey Mountain herd was once the largest wintering herd of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep in the US, but in the early ‘90s, a catastrophic pneumonia-related die-off occurred and reduced the population from approximately 2,000 individuals to ~630 individuals in 2005.

South Flat Creek Channel Restoration

Flat Creek is an important Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout spawning tributary that has been adversely affected by urbanization, rural land development, and water management.

U.S. Highway 26 Wildlife Crossings

U.S.-26 from mileposts 48-73 has been identified as a priority in the state to address Wildlife Vehicle Collisions.

New Fork River Restoration

The New Fork River is one of the most popular river fisheries in western Wyoming, emerging from the Wind River Mountains and flowing generally south for approximately 70 miles before reaaching its confluence with the Green River.

Lower Snake River Ranch Stabilization

At the downstream end of the Snake River levee system, the Snake River is especially dynamic due to heightened erosive forces from the levee’s straightening and channelization and lack of access to its floodplain.

Sagebrush Habitat Restoration

Grand Teton National Park (GTNP) protects large expanses of high elevation, mesic sagebrush-steppe grasslands that support many species of mammals and birds.

Cody Regional Office Beaver Holding Facility

Beavers can drastically alter river ecosystems by impounding water through dam construction, which can greatly benefit habitat.

South Park Wetlands Enhancement

South Park WHMA is nestled along the Snake River south of Jackson. It provides wetland, riparian, and meadow habitat for a diverse suite of species, from songbirds and amphibians in the cottonwood galleries to shorebirds and waterfowl in the marshes.

Sage Grouse Fence Inventory

Through our signature program Wildlife Tourism For Tomorrow we were honored to support important sage-grouse fence inventory work through our good friends at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation.

Jackson Elk Project

Through our signature program Wildlife Tourism For Tomorrow we were thrilled to support this important elk research in Teton County through our friends at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.