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The Moose Fund: A Lifeline for Struggling Moose Populations

In the vast and rugged landscapes of Wyoming, where wildlife thrives amidst stunning natural beauty, moose populations are struggling. These majestic animals are facing challenges that threaten their existence, from habitat loss to warming temperatures. Fortunately, passionate individuals like Mary Rumsey are stepping up to ensure the survival of these iconic creatures through initiatives like […]

Announcing The Pronghorn Fund: Safeguarding Wyoming’s Iconic Wildlife Legacy

Pronghorn, often referred to as the crown jewel of Wyoming’s wildlife, symbolize the state’s unique natural heritage. Their graceful presence has captivated generations, embodying the spirit of the untamed West. Wyoming has the largest intact pronghorn herds in North America. In the wake of the massive winter die-off of 2022-23, coupled with habitat loss and […]

Introducing the Pronghorn Pilsner: A Brew for Wildlife Conservation!

Beginning in 2022, WYldlife for Tomorrow (WFT), a signature program of The WYldlife Fund, began looking for opportunities to develop co-branded products that included Wyoming-brewed beer. Together with students from the University of Wyoming’s Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources Student Ambassador Program, WFT has been able to establish crucial partnerships with Wyoming businesses […]

Table Mountain Outfitters Hunting Program

Last summer, The WYldlife Fund (The Fund) established a unique partnership with Table Mountain Outfitters (TMO), a full-time guided hunting service based out of Cheyenne. The new program created opportunities for youth, women, and wounded warriors to experience hunting and the numerous steps that go into planning and executing a hunt. This initiative serves as […]

I-25 Kaycee to Buffalo Wildlife Crossing

The WYldlife Fund (The Fund) embarked on its inaugural large-scale project, the I-25 Kaycee to Buffalo Wildlife Crossing Project, with a remarkable contribution exceeding $350,000. We are elated to share that the project has reached the impressive milestone of 60% completion, with an anticipated finish by fall of this year. Getting to see a project […]

2023 Microgrant Recipients

The WYldlife Fund recognizes that not every important project in Wyoming requires a check for hundreds of thousands of dollars. In this light, we also seek to fund smaller yet impactful projects and initiatives for the good of Wyoming’s wildlife.  Every year, The WYldlife Fund awards microgrants to 501(c)3 organizations working to advance Wyoming’s wildlife, […]

Inspire a Kid Camps 2023

Wow, it has been a busy year for The WYldlife Fund! Busy is good, right? We like to think so! We have a lot to catch our supporters up on, and we’d like to begin by filling you in on our second summer of Inspire a Kid Camp, which was, in short, INCREDIBLE. The WYldlife […]