WYldlife Fund Rebrands Signature Program

WYldlife For Tomorrow inspires businesses that benefit from tourism and recreation to invest in conservation of Wyoming’s wildlife.

The WYldlife Fund announces changes to better reflect the mission and values of its signature program, WYldlife For Tomorrow (WFT). Since WFT’s (formerly Wildlife Tourism for Tomorrow) inception in 2021, we have been absolutely thrilled by the support received from businesses that rely on wildlife tourism in Wyoming. We began this program focusing on the tourism industry, as wildlife is the primary driver of Wyoming tourism. By partnering with us, businesses in the industry have an opportunity to contribute to the conservation of our wildlife populations, ensuring the continued existence and even growth of the tourism industry. The original program of Wildlife Tourism for Tomorrow has seen enormous growth in these first two years, establishing partnerships with over 85 businesses and individuals.


As we have grown, so, too, has our mission and target audience. There is a wide variety of outdoor recreation communities that rely on and impact wild lands and wildlife populations. We want to encourage outdoor recreationists of all kinds–hikers, climbers, bikers, skiers, anglers, hunters, and yes, wildlife-watchers, among so many more–to give back to the state’s wildlife, and we want the name of this signature initiative to better reflect this all-encompassing community. To communicate this more effectively, we have undergone a small rebranding. Wildlife Tourism for Tomorrow is now known as WYldlife for Tomorrow–a name that reflects both the connection with The WYldlife Fund and the inclusion of all user groups.


We want the tourism and recreation industries to be partners investing in wildlife conservation, and we believe our new name and logo reflects this expanded mission. Chris McBarnes, President of The WYldlife Fund, said “The WYldlife Fund is excited about the evolution of our newly rebranded signature program, WYldlife For Tomorrow. We are constantly listening to feedback from our generous supporters, which led us to tweak the brand and messaging of WYldlife For Tomorrow. We believe the new logo and name better represents the heart and soul of this program, which will ultimately help evolve the conservation funding model and drive more dollars on the ground to strengthen Wyoming’s wildlife.”


Taylor Phillips, a board member of The WYldlife Fund and one of the founders of the WFT initiative, said of the changes, “By including the recreation sector as another targeted industry, we have opened up the possibilities for sourcing wildlife conservation funding even more, and we are thrilled with how the new look and feel of the logo and brand message turned out.”


Brian Nesvik, Director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, is excited about the expanded mission. “Hunters, anglers, and wildlife-viewing enthusiasts all have a common goal–to help conserve wildlife,” he said in a recent statement. “The WYldlife For Tomorrow program enhances the wildlife conservation funding model by bringing new wildlife users together to help fund additional on-the-ground projects. This is truly a win for all wildlife.”


If you want to learn more about this program and these exciting changes, head to our newly updated website here. We hope you’ll consider joining this movement!